Our Story

LONEHILL INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY was founded by Derick and Retha van der Schyf, who realised that it was never enough to only complete an academic syllabus and thereafter to declare students to be fit to take on the world. Their vision of education as a world-changing force came out of this realisation. Students need to be schooled and ready for life on their departure into the adult world of tertiary education or work.

LONEHILL INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY started off as a small home-school, admitting students in the Secondary Phase of Education.

In search of excellence and after research and careful consideration, it was decided to follow the British Internationally acclaimed Cambridge Education Syllabus (CIE).

LONEHILL INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY quickly grew in numbers due to its personalised and interactive teaching model of small classes and dedicated teachers.

It maintained its homely atmosphere though and operates according to old fashioned values of mutual respect to fellow students, teachers and the environment. Therefore, the School believes in motivating students to be disciplined with the aim to create healthy habits in all spheres of studying and growing up.

LONEHILL INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) as a Private Independent School, JE 700 400 611, and also as a British International Cambridge School, ZA 253.


We believe that the relationship and co-existence of student, parent and teacher determines the students’ academic success.