Schedule of Fees 2018



Payment Reference

Always use the student account number and / or surname as reference for payments.

Rebates and discounts

Annual and Term discounts are included in the fee schedule above.

  1. An additional discount of 5 % and 7.5% respectively, will apply for second and third siblings which will be calculated on the full annual school fee amount.
  2. Relevant invoices must be paid in accordance to the dates displayed in the payment options in the Fee Schedule to qualify for any discounts on offer.
  3. Termly invoices will be sent out 7 days before payment is due.
  4. Ad hoc invoices for Uniforms, additional subjects/lessons, tuck shop accounts, excursions and tours, should be paid on presentation of the invoice.
  5. This rule applies to any discount for early payment.

Invoices and statements

  1. Monthly invoices will be sent out by e-mail on the 23rd day of the month preceding the next month.
  2. Statements will be sent out per term.
  3. Statements should be checked by parents and discrepancies should be communicated for the attention of the Finance office as soon as possible.
  4. Parents will be notified by sms and e-mail when the parent account is in arrears. A statement will also be attached to the e-mail.
  5. In the event of non -payment of fees, educational services will be withdrawn from the learner/s.
  6. No student will be allowed to register or write internal examinations and or Cambridge International Examinations when the student account is in arrears.
  7. Parents need to specify the payment option chosen on the contract. Payment options can only be changed after consultation and acceptance by the accounts department. Such change must be recorded as an addendum to the contract.
  8.  In terms of clause 8 of the contract, students who stay late due to parents inability to arrange to fetch them timeously, will be charged a supervision levy of R 100 per hour or part thereof. This amount will be invoiced to the parent account.
  9. In terms of clause 7 of the contract, CIE examination fees will be invoiced according to the Rand/Pound exchange rate at the time. Invoices should be paid within 7 days. Should there be fluctuations in the exchange rate after 7 days, the invoice will be recalculated and the parent will need to pay the difference.

New students with study permits (i.e. non-RSA residents)

  1. All fees must be paid in advance on a termly or annual basis. No monthly payment plan will be accepted.

Enrolment and Development Levy (see Fee Structure)

  1. Enrolment fee is a once-off payment to ensure a position at the school.
  2. A development levy includes textbooks for High School.
  3. Text books provided to students in the high school are the property of Lonehill Academy. All text books must be returned to the school after final exams or when a student leaves the school. Textbooks which were lost/damaged or not returned when required, will be charged for at replacement value.

Additional Notes

No queries will be entertained after the Financial year end in December of each year.