A Working Relationship

It has been said on numerous occasions that a child is as good as his or her teacher. Although this statement might contain an element of truth, we believe that the relationship and co-existence of student, parent and teacher determines the students’ academic success at the end of the day.

Therefore, it should be remembered that every student ought to work for themselves ultimately. It is of paramount importance that students work towards achieving their own true Academic potential! This generally occurs when all of the parties mentioned above, work in close collaboration, in order to achieve academic excellence.

Our objective is to develop students, who respect hard work, have a deep sense of personal responsibility and who are imbued with an independent spirit. We believe that by encompassing the principles of dignity and mutual respect, this will foster self-discipline and responsibility in our students.

Apart from mutual respect, diligence and perseverance ought to form the backbone of our school. All of these factors combined with a disciplined approach to study, will yield success and mastery of the challenging academic curriculum offered by Cambridge.

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Our prospectus provides you with a great overview of our ethos, facilities, curriculum, extra-curricular programme and recent achievements, and sets out how to apply.
  • Know the syllabus and examination requirements of each subject.
  • Know your students and motivate them by focusing on their strong points.
  • Coach students in eradicating bad study habits.
  • Stay motivated and passionate about providing teaching practices of a high standard. Teachers should always aim to further their own academic careers by continued studies.
  • Utilise the resource material and constantly strive to find additional resources.
  • Utilise the CIE teacher website to the advantage of each student.
  • Maintain and constantly improve on lesson plan content. Endeavour to keep the subject alive and vibrant by all means.
  • Teach and explain difficult concepts regarding syllabus content. It is definitely not the main task of a teacher to read the text book out aloud to students.
  • Provide students with worksheets and exercises for homework.
  • Coach students regarding correct exam techniques.
  • Organise and monitor practical sessions in all sciences.
  • Maintain discipline and improve the Academic ethos at the school.
  • Make an effort to work very closely together with the student and parent in question. Communicate as much as possible and focus on the positive.
  • Make a personal choice to learn and study in order to achieve according to your true ability. Be passionate and follow your dreams, but remember very few things in life come easy.
  • Attend all classes and do not leave early to “study” at home or somewhere else.
  • Pay 100% attention in class and record important aspects of the lesson.
  • Ask questions and participate in class discussions.
  • Complete homework timeously and bring all relevant textbooks and workbooks to class.
  • Summarise work covered in all text books and work/read in advance.
  • Revise work covered, on a regular basis, in order to be ready for year-end exams when you will be tested on the full syllabus content. Study with a long term Academic vision of success in mind.
  • Read: as many Novels/newspapers/articles as possible to have extensive topic knowledge in the essay papers pertaining to languages and all other relevant subjects. Build up a solid portfolio.
  • Befriend students who also want to achieve in life and pull one another up instead of being negative about learning and studying in general.
  • Do not listen to or start the grapevine for your own personal benefit. When in doubt please…ASK.
  • Communicate as much as possible with your parents and teachers about any relevant aspects pertaining to their field of experience.
  • Ensure you adhere to our code of conduct regarding physical appearance. Wear your uniform with pride.
  • Adhere to the study rules in any lesson and study session. Disturbing any fellow student in the study room is a very serious offence.
  • Respect your teachers and any visitors at all times.
  • Respect the environment including but not limited to all fixtures and fittings at the school. Any damage to equipment and/or fixed structures will be dealt with as per the Code of Conduct.
  • Motivate your child constantly to achieve according to their Academic ability.
  • Assist your child to create a study timetable. Keep on checking that your child keeps to the time-frames contained therein.
  • Remember, no child becomes a student overnight. Good study habits are formed over years and from a very young age. How do you eat the elephant? The answer is simple, piece by piece!
  • Students need to study/revise previous work on a regular basis, after all homework is complete. Academic performance becomes a major problem when students cram the work just before the exams.
  • Check that your child does his/her homework on a regular basis and remind them to pack their school bags at night. Please check your child’s school bag and work/revision books on a regular basis. Order and discipline are very important factors in achieving success in life.
  • Ensure that your child lives a balanced life. Too much work or too much play is equally detrimental. Help them to plan and organise.
  • Provide positive feedback to the school regarding your child’s Academic progress and all other relevant issues pertaining to home.
  • Become involved by offering your expertise and assistance where needed.
  • The main means of communication to parents will be through the Parent portal. Parents are advised to check regularly to follow the child’s progress at school.
  • Establish your child’s true academic ability and aptitude at an appropriate age. It is strongly recommended that you liaise with a professional in the Educational field in this regard before final subject choices are made. Further to this, truly believe that your child is capable of achieving to their ability when all the rules of the academic journey are followed and endorsed.
  • Support your child by showing a keen interest in their work