Guiding Principles

As a guiding principle, the following is expected from each of our students:

  • Create and maintain a high standard regarding moral values and behaviour;
  • Respect fellow human beings and the environment we live in;
  • Acknowledge and respect all cultures and religions;
  • Maintain a consistent, neat and tidy appearance according to the School’s policy and procedure manual;
  • The School acknowledges the fact that there might be grey areas regarding appearances and therefore emphasize that the final decision regarding guidelines for appearances will be determined by the School;
  • Display good manners and courteous conduct at all times;
  • Develop good self esteem and positive characteristics;
  • Create the right frame of mind for excelling in all disciplines pertaining to Studies and Academic excellence.


We believe that the relationship and co-existence of student, parent and teacher determines the students’ academic success.

General Rules

  • Students are encouraged to work together and assist one another in problem situations.
  • Personal relationships are encouraged but may not include physical (intimate) contact.
  • Offensive language will not be tolerated.
  • No eating or drinking in the classrooms are permitted, with the exception of water bottles which are allowed.
  • Noisy and disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • No undesirable literature in any format will be permitted on the School’s premises, which includes pornography, literature of a blasphemous nature and any other material that is offensive in nature. The School will have sole and exclusive discretion in this regard should there be a difference of opinion amongst any party involved.
  • Racist / sexist and/or any other degrading comments, insults, harassment, intimidation, bullying and / or victimization are prohibited.
  • Degrading comments regarding the School, fellow students, staff and or visitors will not be tolerated. Students need to understand the possible consequences when airing their grievances and personal opinions regarding the school, staff members and fellow students on social media platforms like Face book, Twitter, etc.
  • Any negative incitement / instigation regarding the upkeep of discipline and good order will not be tolerated and viewed as an extremely serious transgression. All students and staff should endeavour to promote the good name of the School, at all times.
  • Dishonesty and theft will not be tolerated and when found guilty, will result in immediate expulsion, forfeiting all monies paid to date as well being liable for a full terms notice fees.


  • Should a student be absent from the school due to illness, parents or guardians are obliged to notify the admin office by e-mail or fax. A doctor’s certificate must be provided for absenteeism on a Monday, Friday or two consecutive school days.
  • Students who are absent for ANY scheduled test must provide a medical certificate from a registered practitioner. No medical certificate will result in a zero score recorded for the test.
  • No student may leave the premises without obtaining prior permission. Transgression of this rule will result in immediate disciplinary action being taken which might include suspension. The School cannot exercise appropriate supervision towards the wellbeing and security of its students if this rule is not adhered to.

Respect for Property

  • Unhygienic personal habits and improper use of School facilities are prohibited.
  • No graffiti is allowed on any of the fixtures and fittings of the School.
  • Vandalism and abuse of any of the fixtures and fittings of the School will result in the student’s parents and or guardians being held liable for any and all repairs and or replacement costs for each incident.

Audio Equipment, Cellular phones and other valuables

  • Students are discouraged to bring non-essential items of value to the School.
  • Cellular phones and wallets should be locked away in dedicated lockers when students arrive at School. It is however recommended that stationery, textbooks, lap tops and study material be taken home on a daily basis. Text books, uniforms and study materials must be clearly marked with permanent ink.
  • The School cannot be held responsible for any losses or damage of valuables, including but not limited to text books, lap tops, cell phones, i-pods, calculators, stationery, and any other items of value.
  • Cell phones may not be in a student’s possession during school hours, regardless whether switched off or not.
  • Cell phones may not be used as calculators and / or game devices during class / teaching / study time.
  • The School can be contacted on the dedicated School numbers for emergencies during class / teaching / study time.
  • If a student use a cellular / communication device during any lesson or homework session without prior permission, the device can be confiscated for a full term.

Examinations and Progress Reports

  • Students need to adhere to the examination rules as per CIE guidelines. Any student found guilty of dishonesty during an examination will be subject to the rules and regulations as contained in the CIE administrative guide. The school follows a zero tolerance approach regarding any dishonest practises during tests and examinations.
  • Internal examinations of all subjects take place at the end of each term.
  • Students writing external Cambridge Examinations do not write internal examinations in those subjects.

Physical Appearance

  • Students should wear the prescribed school uniform when entering the school premises and whilst on official school outings.
  • Students must adhere to the policy and procedure manual with regards to physical appearance.
  • Students not adhering to the guidelines will be subjected to the School’s disciplinary code and procedures.